Artistic Japanese fireworks

Japan is famous for its long and rich history of firework-making traditions, and Japanese fireworks are known for their exquisite delicacy and rich artistry.

Fireworks are manufactured all over the world, but they are not the same. Particularly well-known Japanese fireworks, bursting cored chrysnthemum fireworks, are said to be the most exquisite and beautiful in the world. There are many variations – color changing chrysanthemum with four cores, kaleidoscope with rising sliver trunk and blinking core, Five-color dahlia with rising stem of small flowers, to name a few.

The origins of Japanese artistic fireworks for the common people are said to date back to the Ryogoku Kawabiraki Fireworks of 1733. The first, well known fireworks expert was Yahei Kagiya. Later, another expert, Ichibei Tamaya, would branch off from the Kagiya family and made his mark in Edo. That’s why, to this day, the Japanese call out “Tamaya!” and “Kagiya!” when they watch a fireworks show.

The main season for fireworks event is summer, as Hanabi festival, which started in Edo era, is dedicated to the water gods and scheduled for the first day of the boating season. The famous ones are Sumida fireworks festival in Tokyo, Oomagari fireworks, and Lake Suwa fireworks.

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