Skiing in Japan

I am not that keen to give this information away, but many people already know by now. So why not.

Japan offers a great deal when it comes to skiing.

Fist of all, a lift ticket is very reasonable – a huge save for a big family. An average adult one day skil lift tickt is any where between 3000 yen to 5000 yen, and most hill offers family package. At many hills, primary school children are able to ski free. Also, a 19-year-old gets free ski pass at most ski hills in Japan. If you know the price that you have to pay at a ski hill in Canada or Australia or the U.S., this is a money saver.

Second, in Japan you can enjoy a combination of skiing and hot spring, and again, if you know what region to search for, you can find a very reasonable accommodation where you will not find many foreigners. At the end of day when your body gets achy and tired and cold, soaking in a hot spring bath (the one which has continuous flowing of hot water in which you can bathe 24 hours).  If you stay more than a week, you will start appreciating the healing effect of the hot water.

However, the hot spring water needs to be specific kind if you are staying long because some hot spring water, such as Kusatsu, can be very harsh on your skin.  Also, if you do not have a good command of Japanses, it is impossible to find accommodation that is not crowded by foreigners. It is very difficult to find authentic, popular Inns that are frequented by Japanese.

I guess if you are happy being surrounded by English speaking people in Japan and eat the food that are catered to English speaking people, you can make your own ski plan. It takes some time but anyone can do it (except the free lift ticket deal, which requires Japanese language).

If you are interested in creating your ski holiday, Japan Holiday Concierge is here to help you.