About Our Service – Japan Holiday Concierge

Hiring Japan Holiday Concierge is like hiring a skilled tax accountant — you will find valuable travel tips and avoid a lot of hassle. You will maximize the value of your money by hiring us.

A tailored travel itinerary that fulfills all your wishes, interests and needs are more satisfying than pre-fixed travel package. Japan Holiday Concierge is your personal travel assistant. You will achieve everything you want, at your pace, in your style, while your personal needs are all taken care of.

Create your original travel plan that is more satisfying than pre-fixed travel packages sold by travel agents, for the same or less price by hiring Japan Holiday Concierge.

Let us know what you want to experience. Do you want to have the best sushi in the world? Would you like to enjoy a romantic stroll under the fully bloomed cherry blossoms with your partner? Or would you like to soak in an open air hot spring bath surrounded by deep snow? Contact us, as we are here to assist you discover Japan.

“Investing in travel means you are investing in yourself. Traveling is a fun way to expand your inspiration and creativity.”

Whether it’s your once-in-a-lifetime dream holiday, or just a casual annual get away, or a short visit off a cruising ship, Japan Holiday Concierge will create a personalized travel itinerary, customized to your specific preferences, interests, and needs.

“Traveling with elderly or toddlers? You have food allergy concerns? Gluten free? We will communicate your needs and preferences to the accommodation providers so that you will be well taken care of.”

Japan Holiday Concierge will find a way to make a dinner or lunch reservation for you, even if the establishment that you want to dine is said to be impossible to make a booking.

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Five reasons to consider our service

1. Save your time and maximize the value of your money – you will obtain a personalized travel plan for the same or less price of a pre-fixed packaged travel (of a similar grade).

2. ‘Off the beaten track’ experience – you will have access to ‘hidden gems’, such as popular Onsen Ryokans that take phone booking only, or restaurants that offer real Japanese experience.

3. Travel at ease – we communicate your needs and preferences to accommodation and tourism activity providers.

4. Worry free travel in Japan – we will offer on-call support while you are in Japan.

5. Thorough & attentive customer service.

“We will search for what you are looking for and make sure you have the best possible time in Japan.”

Service Fees

A rough estimate of our service fee is about 10% – 15% of your holiday budget (excluding a return airfare), but it depends on the length of your holiday, and the complexity of the travel arrangements.

For example, if you are traveling as a couple and going to have a 10-day holiday in Japan and your holiday budget is US$10,000 (see our holiday budget guidelines), our fee would be US$1,000 to $1500. A group of four or more will incur higher fee.

The travel industry’s standard net profit for selling a travel package is said to be 12% for domestic travel and 15% for international travel. So if you are going to buy a travel package, why not getting a personalized travel itinerary for the same or less price?

Please note that you are responsible for making a necessary VISA arrangement to enter Japan. You are also encouraged to purchase a suitable travel insurance. Japan Holiday Concierge does not book a flight on behalf of clients.

Holiday budget guidelines

Here is our holiday budget guideline. Double the daily amount if your travel dates fall into the high seasons, such as NYE.

Mid range/comfortable holiday: from US$500/day for two
Luxurious holiday: US$1000/day for two
Super luxurious holiday: US$2000/day for two

Setting your holiday budget is to set your expectations – Your holiday budget  is a guide for us when we search for suitable accommodations and best mode of transportation, or when we suggest activities and restaurants for you.

The first consultation is free, so contact us today. We take a limited number of customers at a time to ensure high quality customer service.

Mission statement

To make our clients say, “Wow, it’s simply great!”

Japan Holiday Concierge will strive to do so by listening to your needs, by meticulously researching holiday destinations and travel activities, and by creating a well-thought-out holiday itinerary.