Contact Japan Holiday Concierge

Contact Japan Holiday Concierge if you are excited about creating a personalized Japan travel itinerary that is catered specific to your needs and interests.

We take a limited number of customers to ensure a high quality customer service. The service we offer is unique, and it is not for everyone. If your focus is more on saving money than having unique experience, our service may not be for you.

Please include information, such as the purpose of your holiday (why you are going), who is going (how many people are going), budget (how much you are prepared to spend), length of your holiday & dates (when you are going), your ideas about your holiday (active, relaxing, country, big cities, etc), and any particular destinations and activities you are interested.

Please note that setting a holiday budget means you are setting your expectations. Your budget will serve as a guide for us in making suggestions.

    Australia (+61) 0450 60 70 26


    You can also find us on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

    When it comes to planning a trip to Japan, it is best to start planning two to three months in advance, as accommodations in Japan generally offer advanced saver rates.

    “Let us know what you want to experience. Japan Holiday Concierge is here to assist you discover Japan.”

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